Casa Nestor y Carmen

This house is located in the historical center of Santiago de Cuba, in Santa Rosa street nº 290 between Corona and Mejorana.

Built in 1906, it has always belonged to the same family.
Being of colonial style, it has maintained the structure largely with additions made during the last 10 years.
Néstor and Carmen, the owners, started their business in 2004. Their home has been visited by tourists of the most diverse nationalities: Belgians, Turks, Colombians, Swedes, English, Chinese, Danes, among others, what witnesses the international character of their owners.


Services offered

The house has 2 rooms for rent. The guest will find private baths, cold and hot water 24/h and air conditioning. The house also has a small terrace at the top of the house with a great view of the historic center of the city and the Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba. The house also offers breakfast, lunch and dinner service at the request of the client for a small fee.
The situation of the house is ideal, as it is only three blocks from the famous Trocha street, one of the main arteries of the Carnival of Santiago (21/27 July), dates you don’t want to miss!!!