Hello, my name is Carles Rodríguez and I am the Manager in Touch.

I lived for more than 10 years on the island of Cuba, the largest of the Antilles, for reasons of study, love and work. The feeling I profess for Cuba is great and has left an indelible mark on me. As a result, I decided to share this experience and to make known to as many people as possible the side that neither  travel agencies nor the tourist packages won’t show you, the one I know, I lived and I want to share.

I believe that I can show you what others can not, with an idea in mind:

Find out for yourself!

Come and live the day to day life with a Cuban family. Live with them, with their customs, their coffee in the morning, the slow passing of time that will catch you in a conversation with a glass of rum and maybe with a tobacco. You will learn to see life differently, and perhaps you will give another meaning to time.

Give your hand to a simpler way of living and understand life.

Cubans are simple people always ready to help you with whatever you need. Just open your mind and your heart.

A way of life that gives you a smile all the way, since waking up in the morning until closing eyes at night.

We offer you much more than the tour packages you already know. Discover colonial Cuba, Havana, Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba and stay in Official Private Houses. You will find the most lively Cuba, the more human one, while you enjoy its beaches, its streets, its days and its nights and its diverse and exquisite gastronomy. You will enter into the deepest of its culture, in the religious syncretism and in a way of making and seeing the world different and above all, fun.

Choose us today. You will have a unique experience!